Eric S. Smith, J.D.
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Smith is an attorney with over 22 years of private practice experience in corporate law, business transactions, ERISA, and estate and succession planning. Currently he is serving as Chairman & CEO of both Decision Technologies Corporation (DTC) and Trustee Empowerment & Protection, Inc. (an SEC registered investment adviser).

He is the co-inventor of patented decision-assistance technology designed to definitively answer the question - "Of all available choices, which one is best" - in any situation in which there are too many choices and too much information. The technology was originally developed to comparatively evaluate the over 30,000 mutual funds and share classes in a manner specific to individual client needs, goals, and preferences. But, it can be used to score and rank virtually any universe in which there are too many choices and too much information about them - e.g., comparative evaluation of productions, sports / fantasy sports, employee placement, etc.

With his unique background and technology-based focus on investor empowerment, he brings a fundamentally different, client centered perspective to the financial services industry.

In otherwise vendor-dominated financial services marketplace, Mr. Smith is leading the creation and introduction of unique “buy-side” business models aimed at transferring the balance of power away from the vendors and distributors of products and services and into the hands of investors / consumers and their advisors – empowering them to make better informed selection / “buy” decisions. The successful development and deployment of these new business models will ultimately disrupt and beneficially change the market dynamics of the financial services and potentially a wide range of other marketplaces.

Within the investment world, Mr. Smith is a speaker at various regional and national conferences for institutional trustees in a wide variety of settings: public pension plans, Taft-Hartley (union) plans, nonprofit/endowments, and family offices. His topics have ranged from fundamental flaws in the traditional investment advisory process (including flaws in how Modern Portfolio Theory and asset allocation principles are currently applied), to issues of fiduciary responsibility in the investment of retirement plan assets.

Mr. Smith graduated cum laude in General Studies from Harvard University, with an A.B. degree and concentration in Economics. He received his J.D. degree, with high distinction, from the University of Kentucky College of Law, where he served as Notes Editor of the Kentucky Law Journal and became a member of the Order of the Coif. Mr. Smith thereafter served as a law clerk to the Kentucky Supreme Court, and has practiced law in both Michigan and Kentucky. Mr. Smith is an accomplished martial artist, having achieved the rank of Elder Master (equivalent of 8th degree black) within the Shaolin System of Chinese martial arts. He is a serious, long-time student of world religions and philosophical systems and their practical application in both business and daily life.

Jack M. Findley
Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Findley is a finance and operations veteran with over 25 years of experience in the areas of manufacturing, marketing, sales, accounting, and technology within various industries including automotive, advertising, computer hardware, software, publishing, construction, telecommunications, and professional services. He serves as the Chief Operating Office for Decision Technologies Corporation as well as the Director of Operations and Finance for Rypplzz, Inc. and as CFO for Tier One Services, LLC.

At Decision Technologies Corporation, Mr. Findley is currently focusing on developing operations and business partnerships for the application and use of the technology in various vertical markets where there is too much information and to many choices including: online automotive search, OEM market research, horse handicapping, fantasy sports, pro sports scouting, online dating, elections, and consumer goods, among others.

Mr. Findley graduated from Michigan State University receiving a B.A. degree with concentrations in Public Relations, Economics, and Accounting. He is a dedicated single father of four children and is an independent filmmaker in his free time with numerous films screening in theaters and streaming online.

Joseph S. Simko Jr.
Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Simko is Chief Technology Officer for Decision Technologies Corporation (DTC), and Vice President of Application Development for Consulting Services Support Corporation (CSSC). Mr. Simko joined CSSC in September of 1999, and has been part of DTC since its inception. He has a wide range of experience in all areas of technology and he has been providing technology solutions within the metro Detroit area of Michigan since 1980. He has worked directly with Mr. Smith in the creation, design and coding of the decision methodologies and supporting technologies for which DTC has multiple granted patents, both domestic and foreign.

In 1998, he contracted with the Ford Design Institute of Ford Motor Company to develop the State of Michigan funded Design of Experiments interactive training course. That contract was extended to designing and develop some of the FDI On-Line Test Center. This web-based test center was offered in both German and English, and was used worldwide by over 20,000 engineers for certification in all the technical training programs offered by FDI.

In 1996, Mr. Simko joined NAF-Tech Systems, Inc. as Director of Network Development. While focused on potential strategic technology alliances for NAF-Tech, he helped develop NAF-Tech’s web-based Business Plan for financial services.

Previously, he worked for the Detroit Medical Center for 12 years, where he applied technology solutions to automate the administrative operations of Harper Hospitals’ Division of Cardiology. He has served as a technology consultant on multiple cardiac research studies, and has been published three times in the Medical Imaging volumes of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering.

Mr. Simko began his professional career as a software developer writing educational software for the local school systems, interactive video training for the automotive industry, and developing video games for Atari Soft, Coleco, and Epyx.

Ray M. Galasso, J.D.
Sr. V.P. & Chief Legal Officer

Intellectual Property & Technology Law; Litigation & Licensing; Technology Commercialization & Patent Monetization Professional:
Mr. Galasso has practiced as an intellectual property attorney before Texas and Michigan state and various federal courts. Additionally, he has experience with complex arbitration and litigation proceedings and has first-chaired as well as supervised major technology and commercial litigation in multiple states. He has also rendered legal opinions, served as a trial expert witness, and has over 25 years of technology commercialization experience working with entrepreneurs, technology focused start-up, small cap, mid-cap and large-cap companies. Prior to founding Simon, Galasso & Frantz, PLC and Galasso & Associates L.P., Mr. Galasso practiced at two different Am Law 250 national/international law firms.

As A Technology Commercialization & Patent Monetization Professional Mr. Galasso has also:
Marshaled resources (technical, business, legal) from various organizations to lead, participate or broker teams doing strategic IP-involved deals including acquisitions, divestitures, licenses, cross-licenses, enforcement & litigation, and effectively negotiated with business and legal leaders of third parties for profitable closure of patent monetization deals/engagements.

Some Of Mr. Galasso's Technology Specialties Include:
Extensive Computer Hardware/Software, Wireless & Telecommunications Technologies, Mobile Devices, Networks & Services, Communication & Data Processing, GPS, Internet, Business Method & Electronic Commerce, User Interfaces/Electronic Displays, Circuits, Semiconductors, Medical Devices, Consumer Products.

Doug W. Benoit
Executive Vice President of Business Development

Doug Benoit, (CPT Ret), is a combat veteran with service from 1991-2015 (Somalia, OEF, OIF). Doug enlisted in the USMC at seventeen and retired from the US Army at 42 as an officer, he acquired specialized training for military intelligence operations, international recruitment, negotiation and project management. During the transition from enlisted to officer, Doug graduated from San Diego State University with a BS (Kinesiology) in addition to creating a private money placement company called International Cash Funding, LLC.

Additional skills and experiences to supplement the work ethic include working as a California real estate broker (Current); multiple degrees including a Masters in Arts for Business Management and Leadership (Webster University, 2011) and Real Estate Master of Science (University of Central Florida, 2017). His former business experiences include spearheading commercializing LED lighting through Electric Resource Services (2009-2014), working for the U.S. Navy in certified real estate acquisitions and development (2017-2019); continuously leading and supporting new companies, youth groups, sports & coaching programs, and staying a loving, devoted husband and father.

Lt. General Thomas G. McInerney, USAF (Retired)
Strategic Advisor

In January 2000, Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney, USAF (Retired), established his own consulting firm, GRTT (Government Reform Through Technology) and is now the Chairman of YottaStor LLC. In addition, he is a consultant and a Fox News Military Analyst.

General McInerney earned a bachelor of science degree from the US Military Academy in 1959 and a master’s degree in international relations from George Washington University in 1972. He completed Armed Forces Staff College in 1970 and the National War College in 1973.

In 2011 General McInerney helped form YottaStor a cloud computing LLC with emphasis on Large Object Data Storage especially for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) platforms as well as Space Imagery, Cyber Warfare, Medical Imaging and Disaster Recovery and Continuity of Operations Planning (DR/COP).

In addition General McInerney is currently a senior military analyst for Fox News and does numerous radio shows as well as writing articles for the Wall Street Journal, Washington Times, Washington Post, International Herald Tribune, and Human Events.

General McInerney is a member of the Board of Directors of Cobham Defense Systems Inc., Chemring NA Inc., SIMCOM Inc. (Flight Simulators) and Hitachi Federal Data Systems.